Are You Being Heard?

It is a busy time in Trenton – Budget hearings are taking place, bills are being debated, and your state representatives are making decisions that will impact your daily life. The 2010 New Jersey Citizens Guide to Government is the invaluable resource you need for quick, easy to reference contact information to express your positions on legislation and your budget priorities to your elected officials.

The New Jersey Citizens Guide to Government includes updated contact information for state and federal elected officials, information on political parties and affiliation, civics information for different levels of government, tips for effective communication with elected officials, and an easy to reference district locator for legislative and congressional districts.

You can use the Guide to:

  • Learn best practices for contacting your elected officials to express your views on important legislation;
  • Educate yourself about voting in New Jersey and your rights as a voter;
  • Provide information to your friends and family about registering to vote;
  • Teach your children important civic information;
  • Give a Guide to first time voters in your neighborhood, civic organizations, or religious community;
  • Donate this vital resource to nonprofits, schools, or libraries in your community; and
  • Become a better informed, empowered voice in government.

The new Guide also reflects recent changes, including a new Governor, New Jersey’s first-ever Lieutenant Governor, new Assembly members, and newly appointed executive officials. It also reflects the changes that have occurred in the past year in New Jersey’s voting procedures, including replacing absentee ballots with “vote by mail” ballots and important election dates and deadlines for 2010.

The Guides, published annually by the LWVNJ Education Fund, are available for purchase from the League of Women Voters of New Jersey. To own this important tool, please mail your order form and check today (calculate cost)! If you have any questions, contact the League of Women Voters of New Jersey at

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